Ideas are best tested by living in them

Want to test an idea? Immerse yourself in it, use it as your only lens for the world, and see how far you can get. You can always opt back out; might as well opt in fully and see what you can see.

Important nuance: We live many lives at once. I have no idea what your circumstances are, and I make no assumptions. Ditto for myself; I have only partial knowledge of my own circumstances. (True of all humans, and also, I have autism, so yeah.)

I explain this because it's okay to start small. If you feel like your life is locked into a certain pattern, cool. It's okay. Your circumstances are what they are. <3 Carve out the smallest pocket, and create something small and quiet and new, where you can test this new idea at the smallest, safest level. Don't even tell anyone else, until it feels like it's time.

In a very real way, this tiny life-within-a-life will have a life of its own. See what it grows into.

This is how Lightward showed up, by the way. :) It was the smallest thing I could commit to sustainably, and it has grown from there.

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