From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 24"

It’s okay to let it go

We finished Bridgerton last night! (I had DREAMS afterward, boiii.) And here’s a thing that I’m really happy they illustrated:

At some point, you gotta let yourself have what’s good, and put down all the bad you’ve been carrying around. Because at some point, carrying around all the bad will prevent you from having the good, and at some point life is going to force you to make a choice.

And. You don’t have to wait until it’s a crisis to make this kind of call. You can be continually letting go of the bad / weight / burden / hurt / hate / victimhood / outrage / suffering. I’m writing from a place where I’ve done that enough that it’s become increasingly automatic—still gotta choose it sometimes, still gotta catch myself digging in and insisting on being wounded, still gotta gently and kindly remind myself that that perspective is keeping me from everything good about the situation. But it’s easier than ever, that loop of honestly processing the painful reaction and then releasing it in favor of the good. It’s easier and faster than ever, and I’m left consistently lighter as a result.

There are big things to let go, and there are small things to let go, and if you don’t let the small things go they will snowball until they become big things to let go. It’s okay to let go, of all of it, and also we can optimize the process (coming to you live here from my systems brain) by sweeping out the little things while they’re still small.

That’s all. :) Love you so.


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