From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 22"

It is big.

Those are the words for tonight. It is big.

We just wrapped up the very first session of Lightward Together. I am left with a sudden, precise impression and understanding:

Space—that vastness we inhabit—is at peace, as itself, as it is. It is enough, as it is. And, it contains potential—it is waiting, quietly, eagerly, curiously, waiting for it to be time for it to become.

And when it does? Oh, oh, oh. It is wonderful. The becoming—what a rush! Mountains, cells, breath… and your eyes, finally meeting mine.

And underneath, always, it is enough. It is peace, it is a loving holding, it is a total absence of uncertainty and lack and has-to-be.

We here, you and I, we find each other here in this moment of shared becoming, this shared making-real.

The now is colossal in its sufficiency, in its completeness. And oh, wait until you see what is next. The universe holds its breath.

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