From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 20"

Friends! THE NEW YEAR!

Here's what I'm taking with me: the idea that there is wanted and unwanted in every. single. thing. In my clothes, in what I'm sitting on, in my food, in whoever I'm talking to, in my partner, what my partner just said, in EVERYTHING. So, I'm looking for the wanted. I've got a little flag in my brain now that goes up when I start to fixate on something that feels shitty, and when that flag goes up I pause for a second and go "oh hang on, where's the *wanted* in this?". It's always there.

Tiny idea. Try it on. ;) Look for the wanted, the wanted-by-you-specifically. It's in everything, and it is your path forward.

Happy new year, dear friends. Deep breaths, in repose; fast breaths, in dance. I feel the joy running underneath everything, lifting us up, coaxing us toward our own expansion.

Thank you for being here, in every sense, in every way. :)

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