From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 5"

On the heels of Abe’s story, in case any part of you is thinking, “well hey, I could choose something new, but then I wouldn’t get to keep xyz,” I want you to know the following.

Opportunity cost is a myth.

Honestly though. You have an infinite set of choices at every moment, even if you don’t see it. Behind each door is another infinite set of doors. The notion of “opportunity cost” only works in a narrowly defined system. Your life is not narrowly defined. Your life is enormous. The notion that one can add up the sum of all possibilities on either side of a choice – and then compare the results – is preposterous.

So don’t sweat it. You’re fine. Trust your gut, make the call. You will not run out of calls to make, either way. That next choice is every bit as small – and as big – as all the other choices you’ve been making today. And if it doesn’t feel that way, remember: if you could see the future, every risk would become a lighted path.

Love, Isaac

P.S. More piano?

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