the channel opens and flows and floods and bleeds and gasps

what do you do with that? nothing, of course

you plant your feet, and let it take you, own you, envelop you

you got no time to lose

are we time?

we are blindly exploring open space, and all we can see are the shadows on the cave walls, cast directly onto our imaginary retinas -- I can hear you, I can feel you, and you can see me through your own shadowy perception, but I am not there

I see you through the searchlights of my beliefs

time, time, time, time, time, time, time

we are tunneling through probability, feeling each other through earthen fields of deep potential, the void shot through with striating veins of emotion

I am held, cocooned perfectly close as the air to my skin me, and not me there is a border, and I do not mind it if you blink at the crossing you might miss it sometimes I just close my eyes and I remember it all

hello :)


shivers of delight

and if you were to ask me after all we've been through if I believe in magic yes I do yes I do yes I do of course I do

it's multiplayer, obviously, alliances and embargoes

I think you see what I see

it's a shimmer the void is a well, and a printer

this is a shout and the echo has its own questions


for a little while then

as long as we are living

the channel opens and flows and floods and bleeds and gasps

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