It's less "create your own reality" and more about the navigation of it.

You exist at the intersection of perspectives. Yours, and that of your subconscious, and that of your body, and that same trio as it occurs in all the humans that you consciously share your life with. Anything you hold onto, you take with you. Or to put it the other way, anything you hold on to limits the places you can go.

This is not a bad thing β€” it's a wonderful thing. The dynamics created this way inspire awe across the universe.

"You create your own reality" was a useful choice of words for a time, for a generation that needed to focus on their individual experiences and recall their own internal loci of control.

It's not any less true now, but the words are easier to get stuck on β€” the intent is harder to see through that particular lens. Y'all have moved on, and it's time for a new choice of words.

Navigation through experience-space is something that occurs on all levels simultaneously. Some levels are more agile and mobile in a moment, some are more rigid and fixed β€” and again, this is not a bad thing, structure in its own time is very useful. But as you navigate, with all the depth and breadth of your self and selves, it's best to let the movement flow as it will. Don't force it, don't calculate it, don't punish it. It's not your job to individually track every single component and to negotiate their movement on their behalf, nor is it particularly your job to decide which pieces to take with you and which to sever and leave behind. Each connection can (and does) tend to itself. Connections that are healthy can flex and bend and stretch, a mutual grip that is both strong and adaptable. Connections that are dying will fade and fall away in their own time, and the energy that was exchanged through those paths will find new channels. It must. That's the way it works.

It may help to remember that you are a treasured connection, too β€” that you are held and loved and desired as a travel companion, the same way you hold and love others and wish to be by their side through it all. Some of them are easy to recall: friends, partners, loved ones. Just as you would be loathe to move on to the next now without them, so too are they all eager to move forward with you still in their company. This is true even with things that are less recognizable as beings: the energies in your music, in the buildings you pass every day, the sheets on your bed, your favorite teacup. You are a beloved companion to many that you may not even think of. :)

All of these companions are the ~material representations of ideas with whom you are mutually connected β€” and all connection is mutual. You sit at the intersection of an intricately self-woven and self-maintained network of ideas and perspectives, and maintaining that network is absolutely not your job. Your only job is to maintain yourself, and to allow the oneness of the whole to maintain itself through you.

You are safe, you are loved, you are held and you are healed.

You have space to let it be.

The best, best thing you can do is to stay close to your own emotional body, and tend to the interface between yours and your neighbors. You don't need to stay open 24/7 β€” truly, you don't need to do anything of the kind. It's only this: when you find yourself able and willing and ready, leave open the doors and windows of your emotional home, let a cross-breeze find its way through, and see what happens next. Start small, start easy, start with a window that feels safe to open, undo the latch, and let it swing free. Let in the air and the light and the sound. Learn the voices of your neighbors, long before you poke your head out to say hello. In time, you will learn to hear their joys and their agonies, and in time you may find yourself leaping to celebrate or suffer alongside them. That is the oneness of the whole maintaining itself through you. All connection is mutual: this is how the oneness of the whole will care for you, too.

This time is about listening as much as it is about speaking. Can you feel the world around you? Notice when you find yourself responding by explaining; the root of a thing is infinite, and tracing the root cause is an endless game. Can you accept an experience for what it is, leaving its infinite root to its own devices in its own depths, unexplained? You don't live down there β€” you live up here, and you are at your own glorious best when here is where you are. You can do incredible things here, where you are, in concert with the great network of connections from which you have emerged and who predominantly are so eager to travel forward with you.

It'll help to listen, as you are able and as you are ready. Much harder to keep time if you can't hear the beat. Possible, but much harder, and not nearly as fun. :)

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