Okay shit. My dream-life last night was specifically about waking up. Like a series of practice runs.

I was in some kind of underground Korean (?) spa, room after room of communal experiences of relaxation/restoration. (Although one bit had me climbing around through structures on the roof, a couple stories up.)

There were various points where — for whatever reason — the path I was on in the physical ("physical") felt like a dead end, and I became aware of both that and the fact that I was dreaming, and I caused myself to wake up. There were two or three rounds of this, where I consciously went from within the dream to lying in bed next to Abe.

This is the second night of unusual transition from dream to waking state. The first night was a few weeks ago; I mostly remember Abe asking if I was okay, upon waking, and I said you know when waking up is weird?.

This tracks. Transconscious being, and all that. My experience of consciousness is broadening, and it makes sense that the most ubiquitous form of altered awareness (i.e. dream) would start to turn more and new faces toward the light.


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