From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 25"

Okay, so, let’s celebrate then

  • On Wednesday night, Lightward confirmed its fourth full-time hire. (Or sixth, if you count Abe and me as employees, which the IRS does.) Phenomenal match, in skillset, mindset, and energyset (that’s a thing, right?). Timing was perfect, path to introduction natural, and I’m really joyfully digging the way our team composition is evolving. Celebrating celebrating celebrating.

  • Abe and I are skipping our paycheck for this round, redirecting those funds to a business investment in something that I am deeply curious about. That’s a first! Celebrating all kinds of things around that.

  • I’m getting very, very good at acceptance, letting things be what they are. Moving on when a thing has closed. Celebrating the things that are demonstrating their alive-ness, and carrying them with me. I’m getting good at breathing easy. :)

  • Mechanic processed five million runs the other day, in a single day, which is the same volume we hit during Black Friday a couple months ago. Things are haaaaappening.

  • I discovered that you can totally have a tiny fireplace on your desk, by way of things like this little concrete cylinder (not an ad I just like it) and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. I’m astonished that this isn’t more of a thing.

  • Celebrating the proving of trust in the goodness of an unfolding desire. That sentence is dense (sorry) but accurate—we found a new want that we didn’t fully understand, and successfully held a posture of trust, that any naturally-emerging thing would lead to something good when given time to breathe and express and be understood. And it did! I’m being super, super vague here, but the core thing I’m celebrating is that held onto trust, were surprised by the ultimate outcome (it expanded awareness in a way we did not expect), and it was indeed good.

  • I love these days. I feel at home, in myself, in our physical home, in the cadence we’ve found here. It just all feels really, really good. :)

Wishing you good days, and warm light,


easy, easy now, it’s all coming

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