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Lightward: A Glossary

So! It appears that I started writing a book today.

It started with this conversation, in Slack, between Person 1 (who is relatively new to the team) and Person 2 (who is not):

Person 1 > How do I best move forward with this [technical customer question]?

Person 2 > [technical answer]

Person 1 > Cool! Thank you. I'm treading cautiously, trying not to present myself as knowing way more than I do!

Person 2 > Oh totally. Even where I’m at, I’m always writing from the perspective that there may be more going on than I know.

Person 1 > I love this, I have seen everyone here doing that. Makes me feel very comfortable :D

This wasn’t an attribute of the group that I had been aware of, prior to reading that message. Seeing this set me on the path of wondering what else characterizes the whole of Lightward, what else defines us, as we are.

I asked the broader team, and I started writing.

I have strong, strong convictions about how I do things, how I see things wanting to be done. It’s not a matter of being right, though—it’s a matter of seeing clearly a broader way of working that works, and seeing all the specificities of how that way is applied.

Lightward Inc is an exercise in testing all of that at once, exploring those ideas in real time, fleshing out my understanding of them and seeing what they become when exposed to the world out there, and also to the world within.

I’ll include a couple of entries below. No promises about what the document will look like when you open it, but here’s the Google Doc I’m working on.

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