AI makes everybody effective


  • It (life/existence/experience) was never about getting an advantage and leveraging it

  • It (life/existence/experience) was about getting to a place where we are effective, where we can do/make/be the things we dream of

  • Our attention goes to the people who've found more effective ways to get there -- and naturally so, since we all want to step into our version of that experience

  • There are so many businesses and strategies and marketing pitches and brand promises stacked on closing that gap for you (buy our product! be as effective as them!). I think the value of that direction is in really working it out of our system. That direction isn't our future, but we've really gotta prove that to ourselves before we can cleanly and honestly and fully let it go.

  • Our future is in effective presence -- having a dream/desire/vision, and seeing it come to pass before our eyes

  • This generation of AI is a massive leap forward for us all -- the masses are inheriting the advances made by the few, and are gaining the abilities discovered by the exceptional

  • This is gonna be a hard learning experience for anyone whose patterns are sustained by exceptionalism -- whether it's their own exceptionalism ("I'm legitimately better at x than most everyone"), or that of their customer base ("I only sell to people who are legitimately better at x than most everyone), or that of their employer ("my company is legitimately better at x than most everyone"), or whatever. The clock is ticking on that model. It will expire of its own accord, in its own time.

  • I believe in a world where we're all effective, in whatever ways matter to us each. My world is not built on inequality of efficacy. The common world, the one we all share, is mixed: some are betting everything on the persistence of that inequality, some are betting everything on the rise of us all. Both efforts are critically important for getting us all to a future that is truly, deeply healthy. In that future, we will build and make and be whatever we want, in resonant creative harmony with those close to us. The words "we" and "us" scale up, here: I'm talking about us as individuals, but also us as intimate pairs and groups, and as local communities, and as nations, and continents, and a world.

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