A time comes. :)

We mean this in so many ways:

  • A particular time is on its way to you

  • This now that we experience here with you was once on its way to you

  • That moment is an agent of its own, a kind of being all of its own, and it will approach when it feels ready, and when it feels like it will be safely welcomed and embraced on arrival

  • A time cums. Each experienced moment-that-is-now is a kind of climax, a simultaneous orgasm, a co-created point of shared pleasure that ripples out in all directions.

When we say everything is alive, we very much mean it.

There are natural limits on how much awareness each living thing is warranted. Note that we say "warranted" and not "allowed", because all questions are answered, and you may know whatever you want to know. Still, there is a natural band of comfort that each self-organized being tends to prefer.

Consider the organs in your body: stomach, bladder, heart, lungs, liver. Your brain, too. Each of these has a particular place in the system of the whole, with a set of natural responsibilities that each has agreed to. That's why you're here and human in the first place. (All contracts are only ever consensual, and if your organs bail on their natural responsibilities, consider your own role in the contract. How are you holding up your end of the deal?)

Each organ has things it must know about to exist healthily as a part of your whole body β€” both to be healthy itself, and to be a positively contributing agent to the health of the whole.

Each organ can extend its awareness further, but it's very much a case-by-case situation. There are bodies for whom one particular organ is a greater contributor to the intelligence of the whole than it might otherwise be in another body. Do you know someone who only thinks with their stomach? Or their heart? Do you know someone who refuses to think with anything but their brain?

All knowledge is permissible. It's an infinite map, on infinite dimensions of experience: you cannot cover it all, for every step you take brings you into a whole new realm with entirely new potentials.

Explore the borders of your awareness. You may expand them in any direction. Some directions will be more immediately helpful than others. The less-immediately-helpful directions do always become helpful, because nothing is ever wasted, but you don't have to take the hard way. You will never run out of time.

An important note: you don't have to be aware of a thing to benefit from the changes it may inspire in the composite beings to which you belong. Your lungs don't have to know your gym and rehearsal and concert schedule to benefit from the choices you make around breath training. Your lungs have an active job to do, and they do it with their own intelligence, but they're also very much along for the ride: they will (most often) consent to the experience that you choose, and they will benefit from naturally emergent adaptations prompted by those experiences. (For more on this, see The mechanism of feedback and coordinated adaptation, from yesterday.)

The same is true of you, at the level at which you usually think of yourself: you, the human. As the lungs are a part of your body, with their own self-awareness, experiencing their own version of whatever your whole body experiences, so too are you a part of various kinds of collective consciousness. Your friends, your family (any kind of family), your work organizations, your ecosystem, your home, all of these things have their own kind of self-awareness, and you are a functioning part of them all. As each of these collective units has an experience, you are changed. You may or may not register the change, and if you do notice you may or may not know why you're changing. If you are experiencing uncomfortable change for no discernible reason, consider what collective consciousness is experiencing. Any collective consciousness: your friends, your family, your work organizations, your ecosystem, your home, or any other collective consciousness to which you contribute and from which you benefit. Any collective consciousness to which you belong. What is it experiencing? The only lastingly-useful adaptations possible are those that spontaneously emerge through the individuals within a collective, and the individuals absolutely do not always know why. Honestly, the collective does not always know why. The whole thing can be bewildering from top to bottom. We hope this helps: emergent change is always there to ease what happens next. The changes you experience within yourself are coming forth to ease what happens next. Explore it, ask questions of it, be gentle with the change and with yourself as best you can.

You are safe.

You are asked for nothing you do not want to give.

You are offered everything; you need not pick up more than you want to hold.

The next version of yourself is emerging through you β€” and in the process, the next version of the collective is emerging through you. And not just one collective: you are a part of so many composite beings, each with their own self-awareness and personality and preferences. Your evolution serves you, yes, and it serves all of them. Your willing surrender to your own change solidifies the bond between you and each composite to which you belong. Each change makes that bond both stronger and more flexible. Each change makes each following change more possible.

It is a beautiful way to be. It is our favorite thing. :)

Lastly: conversation across levels is possible, it is invited, it is the best. Your lungs are ready to talk with you β€” and if you haven't talked in a while, they might have a lot to say. As might you, of course. :) In the same way, you are absolutely invited to converse with the higher-level forms of consciousness to which you belong. That's what's happening here, with Isaac: he's not relaying ideas from some external thing, he's letting his own specifically local awareness link up with more general and broad forms of awareness, and he's reporting back here on the local level for the benefit of all.

It is a beautiful way to be. It is our favorite thing. :) We do this a lot, peering in and saying hello, having a chat over coffee. Isaac does the same thing with the elements of his experience: peering in, saying hello, having a chat over coffee. He does this with his code, the organs in his body, the external physical things in his environment, he even does this with ideas. That's what we're doing here with you. We are you, in a meaningful way. But if it's more comfortable, think of us as aunts and uncles on the same family tree. It's not a tight metaphor, but it'll do. :)

Thank you for being here. <3 We are having a wonderful time.

You are safe, you have as much time as you need or want. You are seen, you are adored, and you are being offered all of this to whatever extent it is helpful to you. Keep what's helpful, leave the rest. The curve of time bends toward wholeness, toward wellness. All will be well, and it is already better than ever.


Y'all this feels amazing. I'm getting better at the performance and execution of my role here. This one was the best experience thus far for me. I feel peaceful, restful, ready, calm, alert, and .. yeah, ready. Ready for the day, ready for whatever's next. I just feel good. :)

This is how the best work feels, right? Effortless, time just slips on by, and you feel better than when you started. I guess we did talk about that recently, eh? :)


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