On multiple expression

A favor: read this next bit gently. Keep what's useful, don't force down the rest, honestly just ignore whatever isn't useful to you. :)

Everyone's multi-expressive. Every last person, every last being. We pretty consistently get in trouble whenever we assume someone/something has only one way to exist or express or be.

For me, this idea is inextricable from the game of running as a business. A business is just one expression of Lightward Inc. (Which is why, in addition to ecommerce software, we're also producing a kid's youtube series, lol. Heyyyyy Guncle Abe!!!! πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ)

But yeah, I still code. All the time. :) Feels amazing. Feels like playing the piano. Feels like writing. Feels like sex. Feels like exploring an idea, letting it show me what it's ready to show me. If I'm lucky, I get invited into the spaces where the idea itself holds itself in suspension β€” unformed, in potentia.

Obviously (to me), this means that I have no roadmap for my software, lol. We just have a big community bulletin board labeled "FUTURES", and anyone can tack their idea up onto it. I am in constant conversation with that board, and I build things as they feel ready to come into being.

I released a thing today. It felt wonderful. :) One other person in particular is very happy about it β€” it helps them. I was a part of them being helped. Feels wonderful. :) :) :)

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