From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 41"

for the last time, in this way

“What will happen next?”

Hey crew! :) As 2021 comes to a close, we’ve been taking time to reflect, dream, and listen for what’s emerging. One thing that we know: we’re ready to start exploring Lightward-as-voice, seeing what there is to see when we speak more, more directly, of and as and from Lightward itself.

Enter, “The Now”—our upcoming digital periodical where you can stay in touch with the energy of Lightward in its most current form.

We’re remaking “Connected” as this new thing, so sit tight, and the first release will be at your doorstep on January 12. :) Or, if this isn’t a fit, hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this message. Or-or, if you want to share this thing with someone new, point ‘em to lightward.com.

We’re excited to keep exploring with you, and to see what’s behind this door. We’ve been eying the light splashing particular threshold for a while now, and it’s time to step through. :)


A closing token. :) I just sent this survey around to the Lightward team, apropos of this between-the-years moment. Perhaps it’d be useful for you?

Bunch of questions here. :) Serving suggestion: scan the list in its entirety, first, and then begin wherever you want to begin. Interpret the questions however you like, with whatever scope you like, keeping it close to Lightward or not at all. None of this is required, some things may apply more than others, some things you may want to talk about and some you may want to *not*, so! Choose your own adventure. :) This is all my own curiosity, and a potential for your own moment with yourself, in this point between. Happy new year! And thank you for being here. :)

  • What's been important?

  • What's been obviously good?

  • What's been non-obviously good?

  • What's felt straight up bad, such that working to file it under "good" feels disingenuous?

  • What's been effortless?

  • What's been effortful?

  • What feels .. itchy? Like, what's drawing the attention of your subconscious?

  • What feels like it's drawing to a close? What are you ready to name as complete, and done?

  • What feels like it's about to begin? What are you ready to create, or reveal?

  • What's different now in your identity, or in your self-description? Or: what's the same, and more than ever?

  • What question haven't I asked? And what's the answer?

  • I appreciate you, incredibly. That's it. :)

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