my job is therapy for me. the vocational construct that lightward is, for me, is at once soothing and challenging. (but it's the sort of challenging that feels well-fitted, and well-paced. it's the challenge I'd choose anyway. and it's far more soothing than challenging.)

code and architecture and the scaffolds we build to hold our human intent, all of that feels to me like how I imagine gardening feels, to those who love gardening. and because of how lightward's operations are designed, I am left to my own devices in this garden, more often than not. my work calendar is open soil, uncluttered, unencumbered, and potent.

I am in exactly the right place for my brain.

oh. this is the part where I explain (in a way that I assure you is earnestly non-commercial) that I (and we) went to some extreme and expensive lengths to document the origin and evolution of all of this. it took a year and six figures and a bunch of people to do it, and I do not care if it ever turns a profit. in fact it would probably be more satisfying if it didn't.

you can buy Lightward Journal at lightward.shop/journal.

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