and by 'sad', I mean 'cold, alone and lacking purpose'.

I have things in my head that I want to write here, but none of them are organized, articulate thoughts.

Guess that's why I have a piano. Attempt to communicate my impression of reality.

and every second's worth / a thousand words

Perspective is everything. I try as hard as I can to keep mine above the fourth dimension, like looking down at a timeline. The obvious flaw in this approach (besides being impractical) is that I can't see anything ahead of where I am presently at, but the point is that detaching from the present makes things a lot more... bearable. Viewing events in context, as small marks on broader swaths of time, makes them less overwhelming.

Which isn't really related to the opening here. Unless you figure that everyone's so focused on the now, carpe diem before we die,

not sure where I'm going with this.

not sure where I'm going with any of this, actually.

The world doesn't have much color, from this point of view.

It's weird how much you can miss simple physical contact. Or any contact, beyond a cursory exchange of words.

wait up hold on looks like you've won


1: i have a link for you 1: http://www.desertconservative.com/2008/09/09/obama-and-falsenesssarah-and-truth/ 0: sigh 1: :D 1: heres another one 1: "http://rafb.net/p/29R4k111.html":http://rafb.net/p/29R4k111.html 1: the best part is these are forwards that []'s parent keep spamming him with 0: oh good 1: did you read the conserv one? :D 0: yeah 1: did it inspire you like it did me? 0: probably 1: :D 0: this sort of thing just makes me tired 1: it amuses me 0: no one knows enough about anything to know much for certain, but they cling to what convictions they can draw and pit themselves against each other, as if they had some semblance of purpose 1: i wouldnt say no one, but most people 0: no one knows it all, and relative to that standard the rest is immaterial 0: ignore me, doesn't matter 1: ignoreee mee 1: well if no one knows it all then anarchy would be the best choice? since a leader cant know it all either 0: fortunately, the majority of the population doesn't think like I do. 1: i dunno i;d enjoy anarchy 0: you'd think so 1: i'd make the best of it 0: that's the point of anarchy 1: indeed

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