What you're looking at: the idea that deeply consistent beauty and deeply consistent structure are the same thing.

The shape you're seeing is the golden ratio. You've seen it before, probably with a recursive spiral πŸŒ€ drawn into it, and you'd recognize its angle form in the spirals of petals and leaves. This ratio shows up a bunch in plant life, mathematics, art. Some make more of it than others, finding it in places others do not.

Do something for me: picture a sunflower 🌻 up close, with all the seeds laid out in their spirals, and hold that in your mind. You can scale this sunflower from tiny to massive, by following the same spiral out, or in.

This is the heart of what I do with all of my work, the art and the relationships and the code and the making of the things for you: finding the patterns that scale, in both directions, approaching perfect consistency as you trace the pattern out, or in. I think there's something in the subconscious that can tell when the pattern is deeply stable, when the system is consistent and at peace with itself – and I think that part of the subconscious finds it safe, and calls it beautiful.

❀️ πŸ†™

Note from the future: I got this tattoo on November 1, 2016. It was deeply premeditated.

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