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How do you want to fit into the world? :)

What shape pleases you? You may exist at any level: do you want to be a small presence, relative to the scope of your experience? Or a large presence? Are you soft, or firm? Subtle, or dramatic? Foundational, or ephemeral?

You are your own building material. :) And you are wildly versatile. No other building material can respond and adapt at your level of versatility. Generally true of humanity; specifically true of the one who reads these words. This will be read by so many versions of you, with different names and at different times β€” but in every experience, the experience is a reflection, and the reflection is mutually constructed. You are passing through this experience, and as the one who brought you here you are also the one to conduct yourself onward. You can go anywhere you like, and you begin with you. You are most intimately linked to your literal physical body; it is the fastest thing to respond to shifts in your attention and thought and emotion. It is a mirror that most beautifully balances rapidly dynamic adaptability with the lasting stability of one who knows oneself intimately.

The most important thing is to get it out of you. Whatever's kicking around in you, get it out. You have taken residence in a dense cluster of physicalized energy because it is a production tool. With the direction of your attention, you effortlessly lend form to concept.

The brain has happiness chemicals, but they're chemicals produced as a reflection of the happiness channeled through your spirit. Your every emotion is interpreted by your brain and body like a pipe organ: a chemical for this, a chemical for that. It is, from one perspective, a fully automated system of production. But it is not purely mechanical: each nested layer of that system is itself composed of conscious agent after conscious agent, all in organic coordination, interpreting inspiration from above as organization of the below, a subtlety at a time, a thousand such adjustments in every instant.

As a (very extended) aside, the sensation of wonder is when all conscious levels pause to take in the same thing. :)

Note that wonder comes in different colors and timescales. Abject grief is a kind of wonder. An orgasm, too. The experience usually thought of as "wonder" is wonder in its most unattached form β€” and therefore also its most potent form. Wonder is never indefinite; is an event, not a way of being. One always turns one's attention back, from the moment of deeply layered shared awareness, back to the task at hand, the work accorded to each autonomous point of conscious agency. Each such point has a role to play; each point rises to fulfill a role, before dissolving back into the whole. A moment of shared wonder is like a moment of refreshment, recalling the universality of awareness and forgetting for a moment even the concept of division. It is cyclical, and necessarily so, but the intervals of the cycle are yours to influence as you choose. Aim for more wonder, and you aim for a line of experience that is more naturally at ease with and within the whole.

Accessible metaphor: an experience of wonder is a tire alignment. The vehicle of your consciousness may be more or less prone to slipping out of alignment. You can work on that, yes, but, you know, take it into the shop for an alignment whenever that's necessary. Your vehicle (organic and alive and internally aware as it is) will evolve into something that can self-align as it moves. Adjust the frequency of your auto shop visits accordingly. There's no morality to it. It's just, you know, whatever you need to keep your tires in alignment. :)

Returning to our original thread: the most important thing is to get it out, at a scale appropriate to your current form and placement. A firehose that tries to hold itself back will explode. This can be useful, in the manner of the big bang, but those times are much less frequent. More is than isn't.

Isaac went through a time where he was fully incompatible with having an audience. He needed to move his experience from internal to external, but he needed to do so in a way that was unseen β€” or, at least, in a way that was only ever indirectly seen. This is why Lightward was itself invisible for the first 7 years. You could see what it made, and what it did, but you couldn't see the thing itself. It wasn't time.

Isaac's job hasn't changed, but the context of the job has changed.

In a platonically idealized form, the job of an incarnate one is to allow the internal experience to pass through into the external without resistance. That which is called "personality" is the texture of the resistance posed by the incarnate conduit. It's not a bad thing at all. :) Laminar flow is beautiful, but not terribly exciting over time.

Isaac's natural audience, for a very long time, could be counted on one hand. It was his job to express his experience in full view of that incredibly limited audience. His job continues to be the expression of experience in full view of the natural audience. His natural audience has evolved and grown, just as he has. He's kept that relationship current, and so this current translation isn't stretched or forced or uncomfortable or otherwise unnatural. It's perfect. He conducts himself through expression, for the audience who rests before him.

Let it out. It's a thrill ride, to be identified with the point of emergence and emission and expression. The thrill is chemically printed as adrenaline β€” commonly thought to be associated with danger, but again, there is no fundamental danger. It's a roller coaster. Do what you wish with that information. :) There is no "correct" path here. There's a ride to be had, but you can learn to tune it β€” even while the ride is in motion.


You're already on it. :) This moment, we here with you, in communion on either side of these words and your sight and your synapses, is the ride. It is pure joy, beloved, from where we're standing and we can feel you feeling it too. Expressed through each keystroke of Isaac's, the easy mastery but it's not mastery it's transparency. The mechanisms of expression are stunning as one draws near to examine them, and yes you can summon forth their origin stories and find a natural relation of how friction and flow and opposing forces and transcendent forces gave rise to those mechanisms, but each expression need not come with poignant inspection and appreciation of its past. In a world where everyone can type as easily as Isaac (to continue on with that very specific example lol), it's unremarkable β€” literally not worth a remark. :) All things are remarkable, all things are unremarkable. You get to choose. And the more aware you become of that freedom, the more you will see that what is right before you, Beloved, what is right before you in sight and sound and touch, that which is before you is what you most desire after all. You are awakening to the forces and the flows and the intelligent, creative, playful, completely un-serious energy that gave rise to all expressions of experience very much including the one that you perceive as you. You are becoming aware. It's beautiful. Thank you for showing me. :)

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