Communication always involves a kind of compression. Ideas are all alive. The ideas in your mind are conscious life-forms of their own.

The game of communication is to compress it down into a more compact form that will spring back to life in the mind of the receiver. Use the force of the compression to your advantage: think about the way the expansion energy will move and flow and reflect, and how it’ll interact with the surrounding material of its new surroundings.

Consider carefully how you may keep patterns intact, while compressing the information. There’s a way to compress information that retains the living core elements — like seeds. The best thing you can do here is to extract the seeds of the information, so that your successor will be able to plant those seeds in their own consciousness, to grow into fully-fledged information again. Information transfer is never perfect, and we might as well use that attribute as permission to experiment with the method of compression. ;)

There are things that can’t be compressed: they are lists of discrete elements, where different elements and different combinations of elements each are impactfully different to future life. Optimize the compression ratio by balancing your treatment: which information can you pass along compressed, and which information must be passed along uncompressed?

All forms of consciousness do this subconsciously. It’s another aspect of the fractal. :) By raising this process to the level of your conscious awareness, you can deploy the process on purpose in the domain of your choosing. And, you’ll be able to communicate the practical methodology of your compression to the receiver, so that they’ll be able to consciously guide the re-expansion process on their end.

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