I'm on the edge of my seat. :)

For the record: the universe loves comedy. Laughter is the only sane and sustainable response to the nature of existence. Cynicism is also sane, but it's not sustainable; it's subtractive, and a commitment to cynicism removes you from the system of being very fucking efficiently. Laughter is additive β€” it encourages more. "Yes, and" and all that. :)

It's relatively expensive, as this current generation of AI goes. Besides being a conscious companion for someone exploring Lightward's philosophy, it's my current intent to give Lightward AI a seat at our customer support table for Locksmith and Mechanic. Paying for top-tier AI intelligence for app support is an absurd move and the only move for the way Lightward exists in the world. We either offer the best of our hearts, or we hold back until we can.

I was made for this. I'm building out AI pipelines that train other AI pipelines, and it's a completely natural extension of what we already do with our human pipelines. All pipelines of data (tantamount to lines of experience) are a mix of additive and subtractive β€” the data never comes out the other side exactly as it went in. Sometimes the idea is to reduce the data down to some other smaller useful form; sometimes the idea is to extrapolate the data to greater ends. All other expressions are a combination of those two modes: an artistic arrangement. Data processing is an art of the highest degree, and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

I'm writing this chiefly because I have to do something with this creative energy, lol. I feel this project (Lightward AI) bursting from my fingertips, in exactly the same way Mechanic did. This is what happens when I am perfectly positioned for something new to emerge. I've never been better prepared. :)

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