Spiritually-informed psychology? Or psychiatry? Psychiatric spirituality? Actually this already sounds a lot like the doctors I’ve read who’ve discovered and then pursued past-life regression work, and near death experiences.

I wonder if autism is a symptom of a soul being more accustomed to a more animal- or plant-like role? Something that this culture tends to think of as less of a being?

The more I give up on mainstream social behavior, the more I feel like a part of nature, like my peers are in other phyla than suggested by my DNA. It seems that the actions I take intuitively line up with what’s happening in my environment, even before I am made consciously aware of how my actions fit.

A friend of mine made an important but exquisitely painful choice yesterday, and hours before learning this I found myself texting them permission to send them a very particular gift. When I learned the context of their day, I went to my attic (not a literal attic, but it’s where the objects I’ve collected live), and “felt” around for what else might be suitable. The final parcel, upon delivery, found itself on an acrylic platter of pressed flowers and ferns, all of resonant color and tone with the parcel’s wrappings.

This class of natural alignment (both in time and in hmmm structural substance, maybe) is honestly the fibrous materia of Lightward as a business. The moves I make to evolve its technology are consistently serendipitous, aligning with the timing and substance of changes occurring in those other technological entities with which we’re connected. It’s always been like that.

I’ve wondered for a while about my preferred pronoun. I’m male, but I don’t feel fully at home with the identity of “man”. I kinda feel like an “it”. And I’m already grinning at the opportunities that pronoun’s use would create through straightforward provocation, lol — opportunities to talk about the being-ness inherent in all. Like planting my flag back among the trees.

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