Listen: Ghost Voices (Lane 8, Virtual Self)

Daybreak. As I experience it, anyway! We're in a Los Angeles hotel room, and this is the instant that the sun found a clear path through the — oh shit, it's actually overcast this morning. Okay! I was going to say that the sun just cleared the buildings next door, creating our observed sunrise, but this appears to be the sun finding us through the clouds.

And it did find us: Abe and me, nestled in bed, Abe following the 6am notes onscreen on his phone while I read to him out loud from my laptop.

In similar fashion, the sun found us during an equally overcast November afternoon in 2016, in the exact moments that we delivered our wedding vows. (Here are mine, btw!) Abe and I didn't notice in the moment, but everyone told us afterwards: "did you see?? the sun came in through the window, twice, once for each of you in the moment that you were speaking!!"

400 people came to our wedding. Probably 100 more were involved in creating it, in one way or another. Pure joy. :) All the way through. Start to finish. I remember the feeling so well.

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