Desire is radar

Your sense of desire is like radar for experience-space. It's your best measure of what's around you. When your desire-sense goes off, it's telling you what direction holds the most solid footing — for you, for the role you play with the people around you, and for the whole.

Note that this is about desire, as in the eager sensation of something wonderful ahead. This isn't about envy, or anything that feels bad. Desire (as we're using it here) always feels good. It might feel exciting or peaceful or grounding or thrilling, and it might set off other fears within you — but the core of desire itself always feels good.

You may find that your desire-compass points in a direction that looks uncertain or unpredictable. Please remember, as best you can, that the predictable path is never actually predictable. Everyone you know has chosen the safe path, and found unpredictable upsets along the way. Deeply-felt desire is your best sense of what path is safest. You truly have no better indicator.

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