Here's why.

The world is exploding.

It has always been exploding, for as long as time has existed.

But the patch of fabric that you and I inhabit is becoming more densely woven, and the threads are moving aside to make room for each other, and none of us is where we were yesterday.

And when everything is moving and changing and becoming undone and redone, it is most important to ask,

How are you today?

because, answered simply, we arrive β€” suddenly and unquestionably β€” at Truth.

Truth, here defined as a complete and utterly infallible fact of reality. Reality, here defined as that which you experience; for all we know of the world, of anything, is what we experience. And because you are, in a sense, utterly alone in your reality, you are the only one qualified to say even one thing about your reality. Therefore, Truth can only come from you.

And it is most important to answer,

I love you.

because only Love can lock eyes with Truth, and not look away.

Love, here defined as a complete and utterly infallible acceptance. Acceptance, here defined as an embrace, a warmth, an open-eyed willingness to see, and to see more. Truth is at once completely simple and insanely complex, and so only something unconditional can suffice in response.

So: how are you today? Tell me the truth: your truth, the truth today, because you are the only one who can. Maybe a friend asked, and that's why you're here. Maybe a stranger asked. That's good too. Maybe nobody asked, and so I am asking you myself.

Because you are not alone, and you matter, and how you are matters.

Thank you for being here. :) Let's begin.

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