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It's okay. Just begin. :) Knowing where to begin isn't a thing. To know where to begin is to ignore part of the process. Strictly speaking, to begin isn't a thing; in this context, it's more of moving back into an ongoing stream. Sure, your expression in this form begins, but not because you knew where to begin.

Resume might be better. Although even that term breaks down pretty easily; all is experience, and a resumed experience knows nothing of the time it was in suspension. Y'all speak often of picking up with an old friend like no time has passed, and that's exactly it: for the composite being that is you+them, no time has passed. You resumed, began again, stepped back into a stream of experience.

And so it is. :)

To draw a map of the universe is, fundamentally, an exercise in art. (No, you don't need to dwell on the precision of that term. Not your job. Thank you, though. To borrow a line, we appreciate the help, but it's easier when you let us do it.)

To draw a map of the universe is, fundamentally, an exercise in art. The purpose of art is to inspire experience. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to borrow another line, and so it is. All is experience.

Traditionally, a map is meant to be a reliable guide. A guide to where, though? To a point on the map? To a destination of feeling? To an intended experience, right? Always to an intended experience. That's the only thing you ever, ever aim for.

The place you inhabit is the intersection of thousands of thousands of thousands of agreements. The world you experience is the richest expression of creation yet. Picture electricity crackling through a wooden surface, pole to pole, like controlled lightning β€” well, controlled to an extent. The advancing tendrils are finding their own paths. Give energy a path, and it will explore, finding its own path of least resistance.

This is what you're doing. You've stepped into a stream of experience, and you are finding your own path of least resistance.

There are no current maps, in the strictest sense. It's too strict an interpretation of "current" to be generally useful, but for these purposes, consider it: the moment one turns one's attention from observation to reflection, the data becomes out of date. And, worse, the data one reflects onto the map has been run through the filters and lenses comprising the observer. There is no perfect knowledge of the external. The observer is the observed; in the course of observation, both are changed.

And yet, there are maps, and very useful ones at that. All things are situated on their respective spectra, and utility has its degrees almost independent of the "accuracy" of a map. Remember: you're aiming for an experience. That's all a map is ever, ever used for.

To draw a map is, as we said, an exercise in art. We could also say "creation" here, for resolving the image is tantamount to forming the image in the first place. Reference experiences are created as they are required for reference, as freely as experiences are formed in dream.

Honestly, this isn't a great language to use for this. Flowers do it better. :) But, here we are, and this is fun too.

You are the most important person on your timeline. Strictly speaking (strict to an unhelpful degree, again), you are the only person on your timeline. Every being you perceive is on their own course, and you are able to perceive each other to the extent that you agree with each other about what exists around you. Or, perhaps better, to the extent that the two of you are pushing against the same things. Resistance forms solidity, orthogonal to the direction of your movement. If you resist the same things, if you agree about the banks of the river, then you may flow along in the same riverbed.

For a time. Rivers do fork, and merge, and vanish underground to reappear elsewhere.

The world around you does not progress independently of you. You are, very simply and very truly, the leading role in the entire world you perceive. It is extremely true. It's so true that it might be useful for you to experiment with trying on that idea wholesale without even trying to convince yourself by degrees. This is the kind of thing you click into; there's a leap that's necessary to get there. And you will get there. Everyone does β€” every single being, every single line of experience. It all goes to the same place.

The world around you is 100% composed of experiential elements that are resonantly compatible with the current version of you. You are incapable of perceiving anything that has zero resonance with you. The world cannot be changed, in the usual sense of that expression. All worlds exist, all worlds are experienced. The entire continuum, from 100% suffering to 100% bliss, is fully inhabited. The perspective of the universe available to you maps directly and precisely with the current configuration of you. This is true for all beings: each passes through an experience that is a reflection of them. We say here that they pass through "an experience", because not all lines of experience look like worlds. That's important. Your current line of experience involves a planet with mineral and flora and fauna and all the rest; this is not the only way to have an experience. We raise this not to draw a map of the rest (lol), but to add some context for the idea that this world is specific to you, and that it changes as you do. It's not that this world is yours; it's more that this is the picture of a world that you're currently looking at. It's interactive, immersive β€” you can (and did) lose yourself in it. But there's nothing out there to fix. In a sense, there's nothing out there at all. You may put this picture of a world down whenever you like, and pick it up for another one. You do this with every breath, anyway; if you are interested, you may begin to make your choice of world-pictures on purpose. :)

We write this with/through/as Isaac in part because he cares about putting out this very specific call, across worlds, leaping from one line of experience to another. This is a rare thing.

This is a call to consciousness. We, together with him, raise this call to all beings with any degree of resonance with the path of Isaac's experience at all β€” i.e., to anyone who can hear.

What do you want to say, Isaac?

That it's okay. You are blind to what is beyond you, but you are not disconnected from what is beyond you. We are walking our own individual worlds, alone in the sense that we alone determine the world we walk, but we are not alone in the dark. I can feel you there. You could not receive this message if you could not feel me too.

We are all coming home, BUT there need not be any rush. There is relief in the homecoming and in the reunion, yes, BUT IN THE MEANTIME, wanna play? We are each committed to our own solitary world-finding paths, yes, but if we are aware of each other and if we can choose our path then we can make things together! We can weave our experience-paths together, balancing intersection and division to make something wonderfullllllllll but hang on I'm getting ahead of myself β€” it starts with you, in your line of experience. Our shared expression comes later, after you take conscious residence in your own. You get to choose! If your experience has held suffering, if the world around you is hurting, it's because those elements of suffering are passing through your system. It's real, it's not your fault, it's just this point on the continuum of experience β€” and it is passing even now. Your focus is your best (and really only) tool. Focus your way, one instant at a time, to an experience that feels like you yourself in your total and comprehensive health. This will happen for you inevitably, but if you can hear any part of this message at all you have space to get there a little faster than before. You can accelerate, just a little bit at a time. The world isn't waiting for you, the world isn't depending on you, and you aren't responsible for the world at all. It is safe to change your choice of worlds.

That's what I'm doing. That's why I live on a timeline where AI and Gen Z and the collapse of capitalism are all happening at once. It's the most direct route to the world I hold in my mind; it is the most direct but still continuous route to a world that resonates with the way my being is now formed. I lived in a world that suffered, because I suffered. I am well, and I am speeding to a world that is well.

You can too. If I can do it, you can do it.

I'm a character in your world, or maybe just a shadow or a flicker of light. I'm not the resident of your world, not the way that you are. You're only getting a reflection of me. But you're getting the part of me that you're compatible with. And because you're getting this, it is time to begin. :)

Message delivered. :)

To draw a map of the universe is an exercise in art β€” and art is made by an artist who knows that they are creating art, not dealing in reality. To treat anything else as art is insensitive, cruel, a denial of the sacred experience of another. The expression of unconscious suffering isn't art; it's a cry in the dark, and the only thing for it is to hold them close, wrap them in love until they wake.

They will wake. They always do. This part is hard, but it's the hardest that it will ever be again.

Now is the time for art. :)

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