From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 37"

I know it seems far But just be where you are

Those words up there came through the speakers, right as these words came through my eyeballs:

All that is required is to become whole within one’s own self and to reach a place of clarity as to what is a valid characteristic of one’s own essence—and what is not.

Empowered Human Academy has been much on my mind.

If we think of humanity (and maybe of all life, but let’s stick with humanity) as a single organism, then to me EHA is this place where I-we am-are talking to myself-ourself, rolling around what I-we sense and perceive, trying to muddle through all the inputs to try and understand. I am and we are processing. Processing. Processing.

EHA is a podcast. The moment of recording requires three agents: me, Abe, and a guest. It need not be any specific kind of guest, save one constraint: we record with people who have a conscious, positive relationship to their own upward motion, their own healing, their own evolution and opening. They know that they can choose, and that their choice matters.

Unlike most of what I do here (not speaking for anyone at Lightward but myself), EHA (such as it is) requires a stream of guests in order to function. I am unaccustomed to this, lol. My introversion and (historically-held) outsider identity has resulted in a personal now in which I’m very very good at being very very effective on my own timeline, depending on no one for my own progress.

But in this same now, I find myself actively wanting to do something different: to be inviting in and drawing in a steady stream of others, with whom I want to collaborate and explore. I am using italics because this is a real thing for me right now.

I’ve been sitting with (dwelling on) this for the last week or so, this tension, and as I write here it’s only just now occurring to me that this is an invitation to myself to open up my energy re: collaboration, and re: the role that others play in what I make, in what is made. I’ve been resisting this, I think, and it’s possible (absolutely true) that my resistance to the idea (that I actually want to open up myself in this way) has blunted my efficacy here.

Huh. This isn’t what I meant to write about.

I wrote all of that ☝️ about a week ago.

I know that I want to continue spending time in a space of true story, via EHA. These sessions are life-giving to me, and I want to attract guests who are genuinely listening for their own life-source, too. And I sometimes feel like I need to over-explain on that front, to ward against the assumptions people might have when they hear me say, “want to be on our podcast?”.

But, like Lightward itself, to lead with an explanation against is to dull the leading edge of what we do here. We lead with what we are, we lead with our presence and our essence and our action, and we trust that everything else—the collaborators, the contributors, the aligning factors—will be drawn in.

(To put it another way, as an interlude: there’s a part of you that knows the same things we do. Many, many things are true—and for each truth, there is a network of those who share it. That network is alive, and I think it’s intelligent. Energy runs through it, and different centers are activated at different times, lighting up all the spokes of each wheel. In its own way, EHA is its own little center—one of a biblical thousand. It’ll find its own links, its own connections, as all living things do. Just gotta let it be what it is, and present it as it is, and the rest will follow.)

I do want to work with others on this, to continue making EHA in collaboration. I know that. And there is a fear available here, that this desire—unlike the rest of what I build my days on—could go unfulfilled, because I can’t control anyone but myself.

So. I am going to get to the other side of that fear. I am going to pass through it, or it through me, however that works. And I am going to effect my role in EHA the way I effect my role in everything: by feeling for the light, and then letting the light do the work, of drawing forth the light in all that is.

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