A visualization of the rise and dispersion of concepts.

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  1. All agents are vibrating -- trembling

  2. An idea emerges, visualized as a ball rising from baseline and taking on a certain color

  3. Its presence creates some probability that its neighbors will find the idea catching -- and if the idea catches, they take on the color, and rise

  4. The more neighbors in the sway of a particular idea, the higher the chance that an agent will find itself caught up in the idea as well

  5. At any moment, there's a chance that an agent will lose the idea, and return to its baseline state -- its original position and color

  6. At any moment, there's a chance that the idea will suddenly be universally abandoned, vanishing immediately

  7. I didn't code for this last part, but if an idea succeeds in sweeping the entire board, it becomes the new baseline -- it is locked in, and it is the new origin from which new concepts may (and will) arise

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