From "Connected (with Abe + Isaac) — Volume 34"

A small thought

Think of nurture as something that we give ourselves. Think of it as the way in which we may choose to hold ourselves, gently, lovingly, unhurriedly, as we patiently and adoringly await our own unfolding, as something precious emerging, perfectly, in its own time.

What relationship does this have to our personal drive? As a caretaker nurtures their charge, until they are ready to live on their own terms, what is the interplay between our own self-nurture, and .. what, our readiness to leave our own nest? What does it mean to “emerge”? And if we take ourselves with us, can we then exist in a superposition of wait and make?


P.S. These thoughts prompted by Nurture, a new album—after seven years’ time—from Porter Robinson. Strongly, strongly suggest watching the live show.

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