Conference call with an east coast designer. Going over some branding materials for the company I'm working for. There were two marketing pieces, specifically, both of which used a stock photograph of a sunset. Or a sunrise, I suppose; can't really tell. One had the image cropped, which was fine, but the resulting image had been slightly resized vertically, leaving it very slightly squished.

So I point this out, right. You can basically hear the guy blink, then mutter something about how he would be astonished if... something.

He checks it. And said this, slowly and deliberately:

I don't think... many of you.. exist...

And I'll leave it at that...

Understand that I'm saying this as is. This is not an ego-stroker. Because I'm honestly just a little taken aback.

An alarming number of people have told me that I'm not.. normal? Typical? Something. One person phrased it this way: "There are people, and then.. there's you. You're not people."

Which I'm still not sure what to think about. I come across as different, apparently. I don't take pride in that, I really don't. I'm glad, yeah, that I don't have to be lumped in with the American masses. And I guess it means... bleh. I don't know.

Not many of us exist. I actually feel a little isolated.

bc. 1: and yes man. I know you don't know, and I know I don't know 1: but that doesn't mean I'm not still gonna be here for you

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