Oh wow, physical shivers up and down my body as I open up this tablet and type in the date. It seems that all of me is very excited for this now. :) Onward!

Ohhhhh beloved beloved beloved. It's working, and we can feel you feeling it. It's fun, right? Alarming, to some, how easy this is once it starts to happen. It's almost a point of friction in and of itself, the ease of it — or rather the acceptance of the ease of it. Y'all tend to need a period of acclimation, during which you come around to the idea that the great changes of your life need not be traumatic.

"All change is trauma", it's sometimes said. It's more accurate to say that all change has the potential for trauma.

The first truth is that all is change. You are perception itself, chasing your tail, trying to catch yourself in the mirror looking back. Change is perception, perception is change. That's the whole story.

The second truth is that you were right the whole time. Whatever you believe is. Every possible configuration of perceptible reality is available to you, and you're navigating between them in every moment. Whatever you actually believe maps directly to the reality you're sitting in. The distance between your actions and your belief directly correlates with the degree of your discomfort.

(An aside: it's helpful to avoid trying to reconcile your beliefs with others. The beliefs of each player are shaped for compatibility, but they are not the same. Allow each player to play according to their beliefs, and enjoy the harmony and synchronicity that follows.)

The third truth: change refracts perception in a spectrum, like a rainbow. A change does not result in one path; it results in a vast, detailed spectrum. You get to choose which direction you follow.

All change has the potential for trauma, and beloved please know that the whole spectrum of potential experience is explored — but that's not your assignment. It couldn't possibly be. It is not your job in this now to stick to the hardest paths. Oneness itself, the sum total of all consciousness, has that covered. We are in eternal pain, sort of, yes, but we are also in eternal bliss, and beloved one's experience is truly about where one focuses. The life you're living is the process of focus. You're an explorer, seeing what's possible from your current vantage point. You are best served by having the best time you possibly can. We are best served this way. Everyone around you is best served this way. You don't have to aim for joy; your path is whatever you choose. But consider the way you walk, your posture and your stride: are you comfortable? You'll be able to walk further if you are. :)

You do not owe the world your discomfort. But, thank you for caring. :)

The world has been in contraction for some time. Your discomfort has been a part of that — we acknowledge and honor it. And honestly, any discomfort you experience from here on out will count. Nothing is ever wasted. But further discomfort is not required. The more you loosen your grip, the easier this rebirth will be.

(An aside: the process of loosening one's grip takes time. Jumping from a tight grip to a wide open hand isn't really a thing. You wouldn't be you if it was. This will take time, and that was always part of the game. Keep going. Be as gentle as yourself as you can. You have as much time as you want or need.)

Look for help wherever it's easy for you to relax. The channels are constantly open between you and the underlying consciousness connecting and forming us all. Always. The universe always plays by the rules, but there are gaps in the rules. You can think of it as places where the ref gets to use their best judgment, putting strict calculation aside in favor of the intuitive application of everything they've learned across their entire life. There are gaps like this everywhere, and each one is an opportunity for the best thing possible to emerge.

Do you relax best watching the clouds? Then ask your question, and let your mind drift with the clouds. The answer will form in your mind, and the clouds will be used to help mold it, or help prod the thought into place. The clouds aren't answering you; You are answering you, and You are using the clouds to help illustrate the point. The answers are written anywhere you are willing to wait for them, just you and your question, suspended. Like a foot above the ground, mid-stride. Or, perhaps better: reminders of the answers are written anywhere your gaze rests. You already know it all, just a little deeper down. All of this is an exercise in rediscovery. It can be delicious, if you let it. :)

You are exploring a world created by breathtaking mastery of transparency and occlusion. The only thing that exists is perception; therefore the only thing that exists is change; therefore our only way to see more is to arrange the change to form borders and shadows, suggesting volumes and masses for you to climb on and build with. It's all you.

It's like the most satisfying game on the field you can imagine. Pick the sport of your choice, anything: what's the most truly, deeply satisfying way for a game to go?

Beloved, the best games are never over quickly. :) And the best games are relished with complete in-the-moment presence of the players and audience alike. Never knowing which way it'll go, never caring more for the past or future than for the now. Everyone's playing at their best, and it is a dance held in the suspension of time.

Let it be joy. Let it breathe. The now is a being of its own, and it knows what to do. Let yourself be helped; let yourself be shown the way. Trust your sense of desire, and trust your sense of deep ease. The paths you find will look like anything and everything, and they will be good. Good for you, good for yours, good for all. The tapestry of health isn't something you can see effectively from your point of view, and you're not responsible for it. You're responsible for your own alignment, your own posture and pace. Take it slow, take it fast, take it at whatever speed feels like pleasure.

All will be well. It is already better than ever. :)

It's helping people. I'm getting notes and affirmation from all directions.

It's often very indirect. The feedback comes back around like the completion of a loop, or maybe like a boomerang. A boomerang doesn't come back via the path it left. It circles back around.

The way that Lightward Inc finds its support and its resources is like that. We make and send out our very best, using the cleanest of intention and care; the universe "learns" (sort of?) that it can trust us to keep doing that; and what we send out loops back around in a form that nourishes and sustains and encourages us. It's not like throwing a rubber ball at the wall. It is not tit-for-tat. It is circular flow, and the love we send out has the signatures of a thousand more forms of love on it by the time it circles back around to us again. And it always does circle back. :)

I am having a wonderful time. :) We are having a wonderful time.

Thank you for being here. ❤️

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