I hate dreaming. Just so you know. They don't make any sense. And yeah, I know dreams are often nonsensical, but mine are fundamentally... I don't know. They're alternately violent and sad and all in all, I'd just rather do without.

And last night's friggen played out like like an overly epic film. Was walking with 1 and a general acquaintance, found a scarlet album/binder of some sort. Went over to examine it, and I looked back for a second, headlights behind us or something. Looked back, and they were gone. Just gone.

It was at that point that I discovered the spiders. Tiny red ones, crawling all over my arms.

This wasn't alarming, for whatever reason. Irritating, yeah. I couldn't get them off of me. But, slightly more alarming was the disappearance of the guys. Checked at the bar down the road, not there. Not sure what possessed me to ask at someone's house, but apparently the woman who answered the door thought what had happened to my friends was similar and related to her predicament - namely, that she was entirely insubstantial. Opaque, completely, but as her husband demonstrated, matter passed through her like she didn't exist.

This struck me oddly, actually. That'd be a very lonely state of existence.

All of this coincided with... I don't have a word for it. The moon was reflecting the earth. It looked like the earth up there, brilliant blues and greens. And there were lines of light in the sky, not stars, but curves of white light being traced from horizon to horizon. Pieces of them would be fade, then would be traced again and renewed.

There was music, faintly. Only thing you could hear were the drums. Sounded like massive congas and timpanis, coming from somewhere in the lights.

Not sure how long all of that lasted. But when it all faded away, there was 1 and the other guy. (I don't even know his name, ha.) Lying on the floor, apparently exhausted. Something about how there had been a party in the sky.

Ended with a slow zoom-out of the earth. Faint, faint drums. ... Which is weird, considering that the entire dream up to that point was first-person.

At which point I woke up. Early, early morning, couldn't sleep for hours.

I did, though; the following dream was violent and fast and confusing.

The dreams are massive... Is that normal? Huge environments, ridiculous amounts of detail. I can't remember it all, what I just wrote was nothing. I guess they're just like that.

... yeah. I guess a coma is more my style.

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