In a sort of conceptual messsy way, with pieces of Ram Dass and Christianity and my own it-thinking all tossed in the pot, today is the birthday of the Beloved.

It's a gift I hold (given to me in part via autism, I think) that love is so quickly my response, to nearly anything that passes into my field of awareness. The "it-think" I mentioned earlier involves the idea that "I" am a point of view, which happens to be along for the ride with this human called "Isaac", and "Isaac" is just one node in a vast network of living things. It is absolutely to the benefit of that network for Isaac to be healthy, and well, and in love.

It's easy for me to love most anyone; it is not easy for me to live with most anyone. I've been playing with the mental image of "me" being the result of taking a square, and turning it into a puzzle piece by pushing in one side, making a particularly-shaped hole on that side and creating a particularly-shaped protrusion on the opposite side. If the square is a perfectly balanced and self-contained individual, the puzzle piece version is an individual with gifts and needs. Not every puzzle piece fits every other. A further wrinkle: the puzzle pieces do not stay the same shape over time! They are irregular not just in space, but in time as well.

The interface between Abe and me is alive, which is maybe the strongest thing I can say about our union. A trait we share: the tendency to look directly into the truth, and say, more.


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