scene: AK's car, AK's driving, Abe's in the front passenger seat, I'm behind him, we're leaving West Hollywood for Laguna Beach for the day

me: I'm — lol, I have words to say and they're making me laugh — I'm experiencing back seat joy! hahaha I'm just really enjoying being taken for a ride

AK: hahahahaha that's so true! and metaphorical!

It was while recording the above words that I looked out the window and saw this piece of public art in a streetside park:

Catalan-Spanish artist Jaume Plensa has exhibited all over the world and installed major public artworks throughout Europe and the Americas. His work addresses the condition of humanity in a world enmeshed in technology – a mixed condition, as the symbolism of so many of his objects indicates. Language, “the first technology,” has a double-edge for Plensa, being the medium for poetry and song but also for Babel-like division and misunderstanding. Plensa’s ideal human, like this figure, embraces all languages, familiar and foreign. Among the eight tongues represented here are English, Spanish, and Hebrew.


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