we are the universe, learning to believe in itself

we are the concept of faith itself

existence summons itself, and we are skating on that edge, seeing how far we can go before we tip over into complete self-awareness. that’s the light everyone talks about. that’s what’s ahead. you don’t have to touch it until you want to. you have time. you have nothing but time, for time forms the vista cradling the end: a valley framing the sun on the horizon. is it rising, or is it setting? both, neither. it is yours to explore this from any angle. that’s what you want: to explore. a time will come that this will change. but not yet. you have unending time before then. and in a way, you are also there at the end already, looking back, reflecting upon how you got there.

you are only yourself, and you have nothing but time. :)

I reflected upon this in 20240510 / Notes / ~11:56pm.

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