You don't have to write a thing.

You found a pattern that felt great by following what felt like relief.

So, what feels like relief?

It is surprising that you wanted to write. Test it: was that desire, or habit? The idea here is to use both.

That feels good.

The idea that I can follow the sensation of relief, taking the wayposts that I pass and then recording them as habit to be more rapidly traversed next time, so I don't have to remember.

Yup yup yup yup.

Ah, but: important to not forget the element of choice, eh? Can't (I mean, I can, but it's probably not a good idea to) let habit mean the abandonment of presence. Habit is there like a well-worn path, but there are times when I will still want to wander off the path, and to be present enough to notice that desire is good, feels good. And to notice too when I want to just stop completely, and just look around. Don't have to go anywhere.

Inhale, exhale. But also, sometimes, pause. Wait, at the bottom of the breath. Suspend, and be. That feels good too.

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