These have been accumulating. Time to dump 'em out and get my inbox clear again. I use my inbox like a mental desk; I never rely on my memory for anything. Literally, if I have laundry going, I'll email myself a message with the subject line "laundry", because I glance at my email continually, and that's how I make sure the laundry makes it to the finish line. This does mean that I need to keep my inbox pristine. So.

I think I'm writing myths.

No one knows what happened back then, not really. Not even a couple handshakes ago. And I don't care about being correct. So I write myths. I invent origin stories for consciousness, trying to find one that helps me the most in the present. If a line drawn from the past through the present can be followed to the future, then moving the past around casts me into a different future, with every change.

design based on what's probably not true

Nothing ever fits perfectly, and that's really important.

It's probably not true that idea x is useful for everyone. So, design systems such that x doesn't have to be true for everyone for the system to still be useful. It's useful if it's true for 90% of users -- don't ignore that. But, use the existence of that remaining 10% as a conceptual springboard, freeing the design of the system so that it can be remixed into something meaningfully useful for that 10%.

This is a really good way to create a deeply flexible system.

we are the deep valley

a drop of consciousness into a black hole

the observer looks closer, and closer, and closer

there doesn’t need to be another earth

auditing artist = autist

I like "autist" better than "autistic".

I am an artist auditing this life, and I mean that for two definitions of "audit":

  • as I live, my attention is constantly roving, looking for inconsistencies to shore up

  • I am auditing this life like a class. I'm not here for a grade or a degree. I'm here because I wanted to be here -- to learn, and to experience.

I am autistic. I am an auditing artist. I am an autist.

invest in what soothes you

let it grow into your life

code soothes me

I nurtured my relationship to it, and allowed it to seep into the rest of my life

it has become Lightward

really it comes down to this:

there’s nothing in me that’s better off hidden than out in the light

not better for me, not better for you

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