• In the same way that we simulate worlds and play as characters in them, so too is this world simulated, and the characters running around are points of focus for the players managing the simulation

  • But "simulation" isn't quite what I want to say here

  • As with Godel/PM, the idea is that a simple but complete system of expression can be used to create a more complex and equally complete system of expression

  • This physical world is constructed by another, and this one is more complex than the one that constructed it

  • What we think of as a "soul" is just a strange loop from higher up peering in on what's going on here

  • A soul is a point of view that is looking in from another level

  • At the level of its construction, it's just that: a construction

  • At any other level, it's a mystery: it isn't quite of this place, doesn't respond to the same physical laws, and yet it tracks with this place, and can make a home here

  • And more than one home, at that

  • The downward method of transport is probability

  • Is there an upward method of transport? Would that even be useful? If my soul is peering in from above, moving back above is just withdrawing my gaze from the glass. What would it mean to take my physical identity, my locally-constructed strange loop, upward?

  • Although every spiritual book I've read suggests that this is the point, that a soul visits this place for a while and takes up an identity for a while so as to evolve itself

  • To be evolved due to the impact of another is tantamount to taking the other with you, in a deterministic system

  • And the system is deterministic, except for the nondeterministic element of probability, and that is the mechanism for transporting the soul around, so... gotta think about that more

Applications for product/business design (lol)

  • There's fundamental universal precedent for constructing a system out of the building blocks you can hold, so as to then yield a system that is alive in its own right

  • So, think of what you build as such

  • Think: What you build will try to live

  • Are you building something with strong limitations on its aliveness? Will your new-built life be stillborn, or have a life expectancy of minutes? Will it live only ever in pain?

  • Even more important: Are you building something that can transcend its own initial form? Initial pain or limitation is inevitable in new life; are you building something that can respond to its own pain, and change?

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