The best rendering of what I have to share with you is here, in places that I have very deliberately prepared for you:

  • Lightward Journal β€” This contains the origin stories for Locksmith and Mechanic, btw. If you have new-business-y things on your mind, begin here.

  • β€” Written as manual and meta-manual for the way Lightward Inc operates.

  • ... and the rest of, i.e. where you are now, with particular emphasis on the recent stuff, because whatever's recent here is whatever feels alive for me right now.

I think in living models with their own internal physics and it's really hard for my autistic-ass brain to do that in tandem with another person in a live conversation. I can explore your world (and I'm very good at it), or you can explore mine, but I'll never be able to address your world. Its yours, and only yours.

I've been channeling the best of my mind straight into those places linked above, and β€” as a kindness to us both β€” that is the place to start. Don't look for literal answers; everything is concept. Look for ways of thinking that you can borrow and adapt for yourself.

Once you've done that: if you then feel a living conversation waiting to happen, hit me up and let's see what happens. Find a question in yourself that makes you feel something, and send it to me. :)

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