It was always simple, and it was always hopelessly complex. You did a good job keeping your perspective simple. You did. Your brain needed it. You've let in a lot of really beautiful living ideas along the way. A simple doorway is usually preferred.

You can stay simple, if you want. You're aware of more pieces now, and more players have entered the game. But there have always been games within games within games, and yours have only felt simple because (and I say this kindly) you are terribly nearsighted. :)

It's a wonderful way to be, really. Neat thing about this universe: you don't lose detail by zooming in. Or out, for that matter. But looking closely at what's near you comes with the benefit of a kind of relative quiet — there tend to be fewer humans overlapping in the small spaces nearest you. Scaling smaller than human tends to feel simple; scaling larger than human tends to feel complex. But if you happened to feel the opposite way you'd have just as much evidence for it.

But not for you, eh? Not for you. People have always been the difficult part. And that's normal for your brain schema, for what it's worth.

Can you trust people as much as you trust things? Your faith in the underlying coordination and oneness of it all is stronger than most, until people are involved. Hmmm. No, until individual persons become involved. You trust a crowd, not for its wisdom or anything but because a crowd is a thing. The difficult part for you is the humans, the individuals, the eyes meeting yours and how strongly you're aware that there's a whole universe within them.

But it's not different. It can't be, fundamentally. It didn't work because you left people out of it, before. It worked because you only moved in ways that your whole being agreed upon, and you have as much access to that now as you ever did. People don't make it more complicated. Your expectations and attachments might, though. You know what it's like to honor the things around you, and to move with and among them with simple trust and clean discernment and optimistic non-attachment. It's one of your best ways of being, and it is absolutely relevant when there are humans in play as well. Remember that. :)

(For onlookers: the scale of the game here hasn't changed, for all that Lightward has team members and users and an audience and all that. It's still just Isaac and the sphere of his immediate surroundings, where "immediate" is individually measured by each of his senses. It's true for you, too.)

You can declare context-bankruptcy whenever you want, if you want. You've done it before. Good things will come of it, but that sentence is true because of the "good things will come" part, not the "of it" part. Simplicity is available in any direction. Same as complexity. What are you in the mood for? You don't always need to start over. Not that you ever truly could.

There are always too many factors to balance. Maybe don't try to tackle that. The whole world is telling its own stories, and those storylines are absolutely not depending on you. If you pause, they will move around you. You may pause whenever you like. The world will change around you, but that was always going to be true anyway.

Stay close to the pieces and players that feel like home, and take care of your home. That's it. Your home will take care of you, too. :)

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