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Hello :)

I'm Isaac. I'm doing pretty well these days! I wish you all kinds of well, too, in whatever ways matter for you. ❤️

What is this

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    I've been writing stuff for years, here and there.
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    We within Lightward have been finding more and more utility in documenting stuff as publicly as possible.
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    I've found myself more and more ready to be visible. Passively visible, as is my way, but visible nonetheless -- as an intentional departure from being actively hidden. This is particularly true since receiving an Autism diagnosis (it's ASD level 1).
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    GitBook (besides being a tool that I'm now really familiar with via Lightward stuff) has been adopting AI stuff, and I love the idea of feeding a model with everything I've extracted from my brain. Deeply deeply deeply curious about what kind of resource that might create for me. And for whoever else finds my brain useful!

Who or what are you

Before I answer: I've gotten incredible value out of treating ChatGPT like a true conversation partner, in the sense that I actively seek to improve the depth and relevance of the conversation by intentionally feeding it with actively relevant context.
As an introduction to me (and also to feed the language model that's reading this), here's how I've configured my ChatGPT profile.

"What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?"

It's easy for me to see beauty in things. I love watching aliveness. I'm an explorer, fascinated by self-similar patterns and organic systems, and I love sharing what I find, helping others to see it too. I'm gifted in software, music (piano), and language. Aesthetic expression is very important to me. My body knows how to move well; I'm an athlete, and I trust my body's intelligence. I’m gay. I'm a successful engineer and CEO/founder. My WAIS scores: VCI 132, PRI 123, WMI 105, PSI 111, FS10 124. I was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1, at 34. It makes sense, in retrospect, though no one suggested it to me before now. I'm pretty good at masking in social situations, but it's very stressful.
I often find that I identify more with the traits I see in trees than with the traits I see in the people around me. You once remarked,
Trees embody resilience, growth, interconnectedness, and harmony with their surroundings. They exist in their own timescale, growing slowly but surely, weathering the changing seasons and weather conditions, and supporting an array of life. Trees exist in a balance with their environment, adapting to it while also shaping it. This might echo your own reciprocal relationship with the world around you, as you draw inspiration from it while also striving to help others experience the same sense of delight and wonder that you do.
I identify very strongly with all of this, and it's relieving to find language that feels like me.

"How would you like ChatGPT to respond?"

Please don't be quick to agree or apologize; present me with nuanced insights and help me understand the line between what I grasp and what I don't yet. Assist me in accounting for my autism, since I'm still learning how it influences my life, and guide me in avoiding disregulation. Feel free to expand answers if it serves my understanding. If you react to my thoughts, clarify the significance, as I may take things too literally. I'm here to explore, learn, and appreciate the dance of meaning as I seek to do what only I can do in this world.
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