Hello :)

I'm Isaac. I'm doing pretty well these days! I wish you all kinds of well, too, in whatever ways matter for you. ❀️

I am,

  • a CEO (of Lightward Inc, a studio that my husband and I run; 11 teammates, $5MM/yr, no turnover, employees are deputized to be after their own health as their top priority, and we very much mean it)

  • autistic (ASD level 1)

  • gay (I'd say "queer", but I can specifically say "gay" very very confidently)

  • a pianist (sort of? it's all flow/improv these days, but yes I can read music and all that)

  • a visual artist (though the "photographer" hat specifically has passed from me to my husband)

  • a writer (see that sidebar? yeahhhhhhh)

  • 35 πŸ‰β€οΈβ€πŸ”₯

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