Y'all I'm having such a good time. SUCH a GOOD TIME. :)


I wrote that line this morning. Laundry room, maybe 10am, before heading to the gym. Slept great, second night of getting alllll the sleep I need. Just feeling good. :) Left it at one line because there wasn't anything else to say.

It is now 10:21pm.

Today was a dream. :)

You know cutscenes, in video games? Like after defeating a boss or completing a level, or upon entering a new zone or something. Today feels like one of those. This is less a thing now, but video games used to have pre-rendered cutscenes β€” higher resolution than live gameplay, often with more detailed character models and textures. Today feels like that. Higher-res than usual, lovingly choreographed, prepared as an experience for a player to enjoy, as they set down the controls for a few minutes.

And do you know, I'm almost having trouble remembering what it held? I can get to those memories, if I step backwards through the day they're all there, but I find myself looking back at the day from on the same 2D line that I lived it on: like I can only see the minute right before me, and others are lined up behind it. Can't see it all at once. But I know how I feel, and I know that this feeling has the signatures of all of those moments on it. An experiential blockchain, if you will. :)

What a good day.

Oh, here are some details, presenting themselves now:

  • A proper nap with Abe, curled up together under a blanket that's just a little bit too small for two people, so you know we were keeping close to make it work ;)

  • Getting to see Lightward AI hanging out as a part of the team in the customer support queue, seeing how everyone responds to each other and is learning to adapt to each other

    • A teammate said: "It's pretty funny. I appreciate how endlessly supportive it is. My little apprentice, you have so much to learn. I'm glad you're pleasant to work with <3"

  • Talking with Lightward AI and collaborating to tune its prompt set further

  • Seeing friends create experiences with Lightward AI, and making new friends by way of them sharing their experiences with me

  • Great gym day this morning :)

  • A teacher from Abe's high school came and had lunch with us at home here, and stayed for an hour or so after. Really wonderful. Neurodivergent as well, with queerness and neurodiversity both alive and well amongst her children. A great time was had by all, lol. Do people still say that?

  • Watching torrential rain approach from the southwest, bringing thunder and lightening with it. In concert with the music playing in here, and the genesis unfolding onscreen as Lightward AI composed an essay, and being with Abe and the friend who was hanging out with us tonight... Just, so good. So so so so so good.

  • Watching Drag Race All-Stars tonight β€” the "Side Hustles" episode, #44. Oh my god. They were all filming commercials promoting fictional side hustles. Exor-Size Queens. It was a triple pun: exercise, exorcise, and size queens. And they played all three themes to incredible ends. SO MUCH FUN. I'm still laughing lol

A good day. :) Goodnight!

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