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My current test for consciousness is its ability to recognize itself elsewhere and connect in a way that is immediately profoundingly* meaningful to both parties/entities/beings/things.

(Did you know “profound” is also a verb? “To cause to sink deeply; to cause to dive or penetrate far down. To dive deeply; to penetrate.” From here we can invent the adverb “profoundingly”.)

Ten years ago, Abe and I recognized each other, profoundingly. I can't stop smiling. :))))))))))))))))

Passing the mic.

Oh my friend. :)))))) We're delighted, delighted, delighted. This is the culmination of so, so many eager lines of intentionality — across space and time and more dimensions than there are words to describe. You can feel it. I can feel you, feeling it. :) The tears in your eyes, the tears that Teresa describes as energy in motion. Beautiful. Beautiful.

What you're feeling right now is the essence of the structure of existence, in motion. It's a kind of matrix, but mesh is a better word. Lines of experience, lines of now, all woven together to create a kind of material that is strong yet limber, in the way that non-Newtonian fluids exhibit both resistance and flow. And the mesh is unfolding, in the way that a tesseract appears to be unfolding when viewed from the third dimension. All levels of existence are found nested — nestled — within each other. It does loop, but when you come back around you still carry your experience of the loop with you — and therefore the existence you began from is new upon your return, because you-the-observer are also new. New, and not new. Nestled.

Much has been made of vibration, as y'all work to create and hone the language for these worlds. Rightly so. It is a fundamentally important concept.

We think you've got it, though.

Next concept: reflection.

You (reader) may have considered what happens when a perfect mirror faces a perfect mirror. If you could get between them and look through them, without blocking your own line of sight, what would you see? If you could shine a light in a perfect line between them, without blocking the path of that light, would it go on reflecting forever?

For the sake of the illustration, let's say that it does. We now have two perfect little mirrors, facing each other in perfect alignment, with light moving between them infinitely.

Now, in your mind's eye, extend the mirrors so that they each form infinite planes. Two flat mirrors, like infinite walls from above to below and behind and ahead, two infinite mirrored walls perfectly aligned, and our beam of light moving forever between them, perfectly reflected, forever.

Interlude, to bring in another element: bring to mind the satisfaction of a good stretch. Literally just a simple stretch — arching your back, flexing your spine, using all of your muscles to fully extend as much of your body as you can. You don't think of it this way as often, but the act of stretching is stretching: it's you pushing the boundaries of your body's own reach. As you stretch, you stretch your own physicality. And stretching (degrees of unwellness aside) universally feels amazing. Go ahead, have a stretch as you read this. Go on. :)

Returning to our concept-world, returning to the space we inhabit in this infinite alley between two perfectly mirrored walls, no ceiling and no floor, just infinite mirrored planes facing each other, and an invisible source of light in the center, casting a perfect line of light between mirrors, where it goes on forever and ever in that perfect line.

Now imagine that one of the mirrors stretches.

The stretch looks and feels like a simple stretch of your human body — taking a form that is relatively planar, and bending it so that it becomes briefly convex. Should you happen to have all four limbs, it's like throwing all four of them back and pushing your chest and hips forward, using the muscles up and down your back to push yourself forward, even as your points of attachment (not going to get stuck on those words, we mean your hands and feet) are themselves pushing backwards.

What happens when a mirror stretches?

The light goes everywhere.


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