me: I've found myself dancing more

abe: oh yeah me too!!!

me: like, intuitively, just moving

abe: yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

isaac: 🀩 🀩 🀩 🀩 🀩 🀩 🀩 🀩 🀩

The characters in the movie are experiencing this spontaneously. The music is written, obviously, and the choreography rehearsed, and the set prepared and the extras assembled. All the art in play has been in the making, the powers of artistic expression seeded decades and generations ago.

One character is slightly more aware β€” aware enough to be skeptical, skeptical enough to make full immersion difficult. You may recognize the tension from your own lived experience. :)

This is how your own life works, one level up. Big theatrical musical numbers emerge onstage with completely straight presentation, as if all the characters just happened to know all the words and harmonies and movements. It's only possible because one level up there is a great work of orchestration. It only works well onstage if that orchestration is a true work of heart. And even then, it only reads well to the audience if each actor onstage is fully given over to their role β€” fully channeling their character's experience through their own body.

Every aspect of your life is an onstage musical number waiting to happen. The tone could be anything (tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy), but it's all ready. You have the full resources of the universe waiting in the wings. Everyone's done the rehearsals, everyone knows their lines.

The trick is that you are the character, and you're beginning to understand. You're stuck in a kind of tension, for a time: you know that there's a rich stream of creative expression waiting for you from some realm that's so close but still unseen, but you're trying to figure out if you believe that or not. And all the while, in fits and starts, you experience moments of inspiration β€” moments of immersion, where you are only in the now, and you discover flow. You find brilliance.

You will find it again.

And again.

And again.

And a future version of you will remember these words from a place of full awareness and full immersion, and you'll reflect on how the timing was perfect.

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